Dvein’s awesome video The Vein’s ‘Magma.’ 


Can you believe the landscape photos above are actually pictures from an aquarium? Kim Keever builds small-scale dioramas that simulate tropical environments in his amazing series, Hawaii.

In an interview with Faith is Torment, Kim explains:

What makes these dioramas unusual is that they are created in a 200 gallon tank filled with water. Though I sometimes build a scene in front of and behind the tank, most of the “action” takes place in the tank with paint injected into the water for cloud formations. I use whatever materials I can find on the street, in stores and on the internet that might add to a perception of reality that is not quite what it seems.

Aquarium Used to Stage Breathtaking Landscape Photos

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Mike Campau is a master of digital manipulation. His latest series, “Motion in Air,” blends sculptures and flowing gowns into these lovely portraits.

Motion in Air by Mike Campau

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This is absolutely gorgeous photoshop work. 

A new app let’s you make your own 3-D printed ring. This is cool on so many levels.
(Via Mashable) 

A new app let’s you make your own 3-D printed ring. This is cool on so many levels.

(Via Mashable

Monsters Added to Dull Yard Sale & Thrift Store Landscape Paintings

Absolutely gorgeous!


Expired peel-apart film? Into it.

German Photographer Bastian Kalous’ Polaroids

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Invisible Hieroglyphics is a collaboration between Andre Woolery and Victor AbiJaoudi II.

Using the preserved fingerprints and strokes left behind on popular apps, the create gorgeous photographs.


Famous Artists with Their Cats

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Tidying Up Art

Simple and organized. Must be why I love Swiss Style. And Ursus Wehrli is a man after my own heart. You’ve probably seen his works on pinterest and tumblr but not credited. Watch his TED talk below, he’s extremely funny as well as interesting.


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In remote northeastern Poland there lives a group of elderly Orthodox devotees who are said to possess special powers. They can heal the sick, cast out demons — even still a foe’s heart. Living at a mystical crossroad of Christian faith and folkloric superstition, they consider themselves members of the church, though the church does not.

They are called “Whisperers.”