The Art of Ironing

And I thought I ironed well. DDB Russia created this ad for Phillips. The artists are amazing, but so is that steamer that got the wrinkles out.

Awesome Beer Ad


This makes up for the amazingly annoying Zoey commercial. At least there are no tomato-based soups. 

Another one here.

Real Fruit Boxes

How do you show a fruit juice is all natural? Make the fruit grow into the form of packaging. Super cool idea from a Brazilian agency ageisobar.

(via Gizmodo)

This is too awesome. Well done, the switch around 30 seconds in made me laugh.

Also, will I run like her with some adorable pink shoes?


Men say no to wine. 

I’d need to “via” everyone in the world. That’s how great this is. 

I love St. Patrick’s Day. Hysterical ad for Guinness.


This is awesome. It’s a 2 minute commercial I actually want to watch. It’s a testament to great writing and production. The graphics make me happy.


Oh look, someone fixed this to how it sounds in my head.